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Day In Day Out (Dream Warriors)

[Chorus] the life you is walking through such a bitch day in to day out the same old thing kid [Verse 1: Spek] bring me to the end and I'll be me open up your eyes wide so you can see it's thick to be me how I kick my rhymes down pat within the circle how we do when we kick that fact but where's the meaning? I take it one night by one night but where's the meaning? I take it one day by every day I pick a rhyme I chose and put it number one inside my placement so look to find the signs inside my basement no tears sell us full of samples with ample time to loop it's just the beats from the dead from my head with my troop and it be cool if all the time was like studio time but days are long enough for Spek with the rest of my time I think I'm manic depressive and not agressive enough you can try to be hard but damn you still won't be rough life is whack for the ?? life is phat if you flow life is waitin' for a deal when you like got no dough [Chorus] [Verse 2: Spek, Lu] in the middle of my nights I check my late night flicks I'm up at night trying to write and late night I get my kicks that is I'm out to get my main feature the low budget picture in my room and in between I write scriptures picture this the day's just a claender's notch and every kid becomes the one who wanna ride it on the crotches and when I'm finished when my flick is almost done when my rhyme is half done when I check a late re-run I lose to the groove soul sounds soothe me well sometimes my mind wonders sometimes heaven could be hell I pass the fools who has never known my name when I think about the deal sometimes I need someone to blame I add members to the show who knows a fan for the ones that wanna capture the essence of level to the hip-hop their directions they groke who's representing us? the critics holy smoke [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lu] place text in images replacing old versions documents displayed as homemade glue without a clue you your loophole is deckin' in the halls to ring bells in fear of losing clientels my work place is infinite but can't plan it like my screens appearance is translusive but with a hard ??? I display I cruhser critics as easy as... skip this step if you wanna control key available to only keyboards you can't afford Q he's the shift he's the roller can't understand your education is basic (science) so many words and everything is being said yet people get pissed when people wanna your way but not their way so which way's the right way I'm going hungry in the belly of the beast that uncleans the serpent I walk like the lion I'm a leash [Chorus]