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I've Lost My Ignorance (Dream Warriors)

I've lost my ignroance and don't know where to find it so I search (search) furiously I've lost my ignroance and don't know where to find it yet I search (search) furiously stop this and lock this in your trophy case cause this one is built for the whole human race was INI the only one to experiment was the noise I organized ignorant (no) what is it then it must have been the pen or the vibes I send or the time that I spend thinking and sinking into the sink don't try to swallow this because it's too much to drink because but why do you search for ignorance (I don't) you can be a dummy Mr. Will (I won't) what is it that you seek then soul in the hip getto is the grip so the beat won't slip or slide or do a dive into an ocean of lyrical audio and here's a plate of video I search and disperse so verse rehersal is universal like nova is nobel when I am flowing over ruffell and boulder I admit my style and wit is a homicidal tool I'm seeking knowledge like a student in school we don't know we don't know we don't (7x) I venture through darkness with power eclipse soul for my guidance my conscence equiped opens my thought my neighborhood compels me the contract swells the head I feed on my own so here we go into a cool down the fool found a sound but there's not enough to go around so we searchers and searchers we searches in ignorance the outcome of distortion is the evidence pre-dominant pre-dominance is how I stand phenomenon one phenomenon two (come come) I seek and I prosper my journey is endless keen is my eye sight analyze reality fantasy fantasize [Chorus]