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My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (Dream Warriors)

here we go are you ready for one other Dream Warriors' noise is new discover-al once again with a new blend so telephone a friend (yo dude I just got this new song It's dope man) compact disc to the prime is optimist fans and friends I'm universally cosmic concrete jungles abound you stand by the speakers you're smothered and covered up in the sound you stand strong as you pump your fist I'm talkin' all that jazz now what's my definition Chorus: my definition my definition my definition is this my definition my definition my definition is this my definition my definition is this my definition when I kick rhymes there's something said to do damage hits so strong even superman needs a hand so bob your head dread as I kick the funk flow this rhyme is subliminal yet you don't think so I walk with a gold cane a gold brain and no gold chain behind the truth lies there lies a parafix in the mix is where Dream Warriors go define if you will but I know so there is no definition Chorus rhyme thou I know it to flow it just like a poet your definition of me is definitely wrong why must I try to lie and build an alibi when all you ask is just for me to be me replace a replacable replacement with this relax relax relaxtion boombastic my name is King Lu (mine is Capital Q) bags of mostly water search to find my definition Chorus I sought beauty through the dust of strife I sought meaning to my music addicition arise awaken we have need to reverse a plauge has befallen us no time to reherse this rhyme speaks it speak and has spoken this rhyme will not change things it needs to be changed in a hurse you find caskets in my rhyme baskets of rhyme your definition can define so what's my definition Chorus (yo, where'd everybody go?)