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Soulmate (Mundy)

Despite what you say, it still makes me adore you and the harder you kick, the bigger my love and i know that things will soon turn gold, well if you breathe out the cold that's burnin' you out ma ma ma ma ma My soulmate, you're loosin' control mate, gotta run from the savage, 'cause he feeds from the idle mind Tell me, i've heard it before 'cause i had to tell it to someone, who told someone before 'cause they're head was caving in, you know you thicken up the air and it's not fair, spit it out and breate in.. How clear the air can be.. Ma ma ma ma ma My soulmate… And the world will roll regardless you've got to sit and take the spin, if you're not happy with your ride, help someone elses begin My soulmate He feeds from the.. And he'll work on your.. And he'll dig at your.. And he'll pick at your.. My soulmate