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Springtown (Mundy)

And how are they all in Springtown Can you still drink the water that flows neath the sports park Is there still apples in the castle to steal And how does it feel to be stuck there. Does the monument still hold no statue And are our names still framed on the pavement when we were ten The world is getting smaller and wilder for me But it's not wild enough to stop me remembering. Chorus See I want home, I want home, I want home It's where I've buried all my bones And is the trolley still sleeping at the botton of the bridge we learnt to smoke on And is Trisha still teasing the men I swore one day I would steal her back, and do you remember when We compared our manhood's at the scout dance After we got kicked out of the cub's Getting spins on the tennis court on St. Stephens night at the rugby club Chorus Buried all my bones, buried all my heart And is St. Brendan still beheaded and covered in piheon shit And do the still serve bread and cocoa at the boy's school For the lads whose parents haven't got a bit. And are our names worn out on the pavement yet That we wrote with the stick of an ice pop, pop, pop, And is the pole still bent down on Main Street, Under the sign that says 'stop'.