Forged By Wolves (Iskald)

By corrupted intentions I walk alone on this field Ravenous for vengeance for the boy's life they took I will reap! Back into the glorious days where I seized to be when the sun set high A shortened life I recall And so should you! Then there was a darkness A fury of destructive minds A mothers cry brought pain to the remains of a living I feel so cold! Back where I belong to be they don’t know my name A boy of a forgotten time a victim of pre-posterousness That is me! Come now deliver me to the prophet I seek I'm the one spitting blood I'm the one Forged by Wolves Years have past beneath my feet since I left my childhood at home A dark and rainy day indeed Which have followed me to this day Now a state of mind The alpha-male of the pack see what I used to be Feelings of what I've become transmuted into consumption Beware the wolf! Veteran of cheating death Dodging bullets from beneath I've become what you will fear The one that never returns The savage one! All bounds has been broken To the life that I knew And new bounds are now sown with my brothers in the herd I am pain! Now I see myself in a grave A hole my own hands have dug Blistered feet and gangrene My body seem to rotten from core I will remain!