The Orphanage (Iskald)

Hollowed by the face of fiery I call you now a distant theory The tale I tell is all but done The book is open and dust is gone The hag she goes from room to room And weeps an endless song of doom She's measured and weighted in torture and pain By all of us who have gone insane I'm in The Orphanage I used to roam I dream a dream of coming home My life is ending I fear it not This is my story I haven't forgot I'm four, I think, but I ain't alive When I'm not asleep, I'm down at the hive There she beats until we bleed So we can suffer and she can feed In the darkest hall of domination We pray to god for revelation Trapped in cells of gore and steel I tell my story, the seventh seal Soon I'm gone, I hear my call She's coming now, it will be my fall At the end I see her incarnated face The fog has faded, let me receive my grace My tale is ending, but be aware The hag is in there, spreading fear I take my things, I'll walk away Commandment of light, I will obey.