These Dreams Divine (Iskald)

Dad, you spoke I heard you so loud It felt like the sun came fourth through the cloud Your words sprang out from ancient beast She wasn’t a prophet and neither a priest You filled my head with sorrow and doubt I’ve yet to learn what it’s all about you called me a dirty, not worthy your blood, but for 24 years I’ve crawled in the mud She spoke of the things I tend to forget my love she derided like a serious threat I’ll tell you a thing which nobody knows Over your grave fly carrion crows What have I done to get such dreams filled with war and painful screams, I am but a child, but you don’t see My dreams are unlocked with your blood as the key The traitor, she said, I befriended with joy And mentioned that I’m not an innocent boy But in my bed I am waiting for death Until he takes the last of my breath My sword it swings and cuts through steel my dreams reflect what I steel fill I pray through whispers from time to time the answers I get says I’m the prime I leave my sleep to get some rest In living life I'm only a guest With borrowed time I’ll leave you soon under the sign of the mighty black moon However I turn my dreams around It ends with me alone on the ground Nothing in life shines of divine Blackened thoughts flow through my mind My dreams have thought me how to fight to love and hate and live at night But now I’m tired, I cease to be with wolfs and men I lived so free