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10 Kinds Of Lonely (Depswa)

I should've known that you would leave me Lost, broken and lonely now I must try to pick up the pieces of my heart That you left for me All in love we're all in love and the whole world smiles on you and me And all it takes is one heart-break to find new meaning to misery The signs, there where signs But I couldn't read such a foreign language Lies and there were lies And they broke me down to eternal anguish in you I should have know it from the beginning That you'd take me for everything Now as I sit here by myself With ten kinds of lonely Confusions locked in the mind like a cold wind on a summer's day And unexpectedly The chill crawls up through the spine freezing the heart till it cracks and falls Into pieces And only blind are left behind Through the wreckage is found a clarity And only then can I reach in and pull out the part of you That's inside still killin' me Yea., I wish I would've known Because there's no way to stop the pain of 10 kinds of lonely Yea, I should've read the signs now I am just left behind 10 kinds of lonely Yea, I wish I would've known because there's no way to stop the pain of 10 kinds of lonely