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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Charades (Depswa)

You think I'm so easy And you think I'm so naïve Well you better think a little harder Because you're not the first I've ever seen And what you think ain't so bad If you use it for what you want to see And what I want ain't so bad It's a part of what we are and what we need And you think I, I didn't notice What surrounds you and swallows you so whole Not for a second or a minute did realize there's a reason that I ever have stopped it from taking you Let it all swallow you Don't be afraid Because I'm only here to share with you my world We could swim in the ocean or we could sit up on the sands And dream of the way that we could be So, so what should we do now? So, so so what should we do now?