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Above & Beyond (Mortal)

I Searched for wisdom in the stars To Kill decisions from afar I looked for truth in desperate Skies A twilight screaming empty lies I asked for Life from mother earth But she refused to give me birth I Breathed the powers of the air And dared to taste my own despair My hope is above and beyond the Temporal My hope is above and beyond the trees I Believe in this reality But it doesn't answer what it Means to Me My Hope is Above and beyond We revel and bath in eerie light To Face the chill of darkest night Traversing life should make one wise When staring Death in the eyes (i despise!) Our hope is above and beyond the Ephemeral Our hope is above and beyond the Trees True Meaning lies in ultimacy "..Our souls are Restless 'till we're Found in Thee" Our hope is Our faith is Our Love is... Above and Beyond