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Alive And Awake (Mortal)

We walk the walls in this freak of flesh Along the twists of our visceral mesh Against the powerflow of motionless flood It's an experience of flesh and blood I face the wave of this gravity I face the Beauty in the things i can't see I face the Weakness that has rendered me strong I face the fate of my existence head on Ready to Bleed Ready to Feel Ready to Love Without fear I, i'm alive, am Alive, i'm alive and Awake ! I pray for wisdom in the days of my Youth I pray for courage in the presence of Truth I pray for Grace at each approach of the sun I pray for peace and for the Kingdom to come I walk the world in this vessel of flesh Inside the twists of this viceral mesh Caught in the powerflow of motionless flood It's an experience of the flesh and the blood For all that lives and dies Entails a sacrifice of love Though the earth, the surf, the skies Are gilded with good-byes Be sure - God is in Control And when the dead leaves fall For time will fail us all Never fail to remember The One in whom we move and breathe And have our being Is the God who's in Control ! How do we die ? How do we sleep ? When we're ready to be human - without fear