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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Ex-nihilo (Mortal)

How fierce the fear How thick the blood How dim the glass I look into and through How sweet the fall How swift the blow How slow the rush I catch perpetual limbo How deep the cut How dark the rift How wide the wake I weave i sink i drown in How black the day How red the moon How pale the stars That burn in pallid splendor Vision so strange A welcome change How true the Word How tried the soul How tired the wait Poised to kill the will the sacrifice How dim the sky How thick the blood How fierce the love That embraced the Death To free the life Those Words tore at my soul I feigned surrender now i've lost Control Moved by the Spirit of the mighty God He spoke - i'm shaken My Pride, fallen away Steep was the Cross and the Price to pay Struck down in the presence of The living God Made Alive from nothing Blessed, i'm Blessed Possessed by the One the Spirit That moved me Healed without Scars Made alive from nothing Saved, i'm saved By grace i'm Shaped Formed into being from the Earth Of my life By the Hand of God I'm made alive