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Miracle Man (Mortal)

The world should know this by now: Healing can only come through one miracle man Looking at the world and what do I see? I see a human race losing to its apathy From the physical salvation of the world at large To the spiritual diseases in our own back-yards Annihilation of the wilderness Forced into mass extinction from the life they possess Torn from mother earth and the blanket of life How can we survive? When the last solution is the miracle man I'm treading on this paradise lost Where fuel for life is at that life's cost Where peoeple, like a plague, grow by leaps and bounds In this oasis which was paradise found Like a deadly coalition of a fascist machine We'd rather give in to the lust than overthrow the Regime Our lust for domination is a world-wide scheme Color peace in green It's a one in a million miracle I'm walking through this world-wide pain Looking for shelter from the burning rain Where death like pollution flow through rivers and seas But I find sanctuary when I'm down on my knees But the earth keeps spinning in the dying wind It turns and turns long after all the speeches end Although world-wide consciensness is where to begin We need one miracle man