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My Kind Of Song (Denney Kevin)

MY KIND OF SONG Stuck in traffic on my way out of town The music's playing but it's way down It's awful pretty but it don't say a thing to me The singer don't know the working mans blues And he wants to sound like he was born to lose But all I hear is a poor man melody My kind of song sing's about the facts of life I want words of wisdom and don't care how they rhyme If it's got the heart to tell the truth I'll sing along Call it what you want but that's my kind of song My heroes talk about the real things Johnny Walker verses King James The price of cheating or the cost of a happy home They made music that could make me feel Tears of laughter to ice cold chills So don't water down what I was raised up on At the end of the second time through Chours Put I'm talking strait to jones that's my kind of song