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On The Outside (Tony Sly)

I'll see you on the outside and we'll Never be the same After all that's happened what is it that We've gained? Well I've made mistakes before and Never lived them down After all you've done for me I'm bound (Don't say another word) To see you on the outside where we can Both be sane (You're speaking for yourself) I'm bleeding on the inside A place you might have been but now I Know I'll (never be the same) Well I heard you got a place and it's far Away from here Reality has sunken in now confirming All my fears I'm not gonna track you down and it's Too late to stop Thinking 'bout the time that we have lost (I'm happy without you) I'm trying to forget you and everything We had (we didn't stand a chance) We're miserable and it's true I haven't Learned a thing But now I know I'll trust no one else (There was a time when we were back And forth, it wasn't easy) I guess that we're back where we belong One thing is for sure, it wasn't strong I'll see you on the outside where we can Both feel shame (You've never been more right) I'm dying on the inside, you're never Coming back And now I know whatever we go through My heart is stuck with you