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Caught In The Middle (Red Rider)

Here I am with my hand back on the lever I never thought that I could ever deceive her But you never know until you're Standing there yourself Just how it feels to love somebody else When you've tried And you've tried and tried and tried You've got to do what you've got to do Roll when your heart says roll Look to yourself and be true Call me again when you're through I know how hard it is to make the changes When your life's in line And you can't rearrange it I'm on your side but that hasn't helped You don't want to hurt somebody Because you don't want to get hurt yourself Caught in the middle and there's a door to either side You walk through the one But you're going to leave the other one wide You never know when you're going To want to slip back inside And go the other way When it comes another day Now you say that you've changed your mind You're going to try it with him Just one more time That's alright I've really want to say Is that you're taking the easy way out