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Walking the fine line (Red Rider)

lost my job in the darkest place I'm going to get back up I'm gonna clean my face And take that longest ride I talked to the man with the busy pen I'm tired of being on the losing end I'm going to walk with pride Walking that fine line Between the sun and the sky The smoke and the steel you and me Taking the longest ride Crack the sky But get out alive this time Me and my friend we been up all night Had a drink on John, had a drink on the mine Now we'll leave this ghost town She said, 'Show me a good man I'll show you a slave Show me a free man I'll show you the brave' Hold your head up high Never had the guts to turn it around Never had the guts to tear it down Now we got the chance to We're walking that fine line Between a free man and a slave The wind and the sea you and me Taking that longest ride Crack the sky Get out alive this time Walking that fine line...