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He'll Never Love You (like I Do) (Jackson Freddie)

Got someone else to keep you warm. Youve been seen in cozy places, But theres a calm before the storm. Like hes been seen with other faces. Folks say he changes with the night, To break her heart is second nature. Oh girl hell never do you right. Im warning you your hearts in danger, But you can put your love on me, And you wont be lonely. Ill be waiting patiently... cause I love you only. He can never love you like I do, like I do. No hell never ever love you, baby, like I do. Ooh hell never ever need you, need you, Half as much as I do, like I do. He could never want you, never want you baby, like I do. I know I can be over sensitive. Well I wouldnt if you didnt mean so much to me. The grass always seems greener, Over on the other side, you see. But you can bet your love on me, Girl you wont be lonely, no, Im into you totally, you see, You see I love you only. I see that fire in your eyes, And all this passion comes as no surprise. Heres hoping soon youll recognize, But until then let me emphasize, Na, na, na, na, na Hell never love you, like I do, na, na, na, na, no. Bet your love on me, Bet your love on me, and you wont be lonely. Im into you totally, Totally cause I love you only. Hell never ever ever... like I do... never... not like