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Use A Little Love (Jackson Freddie)

From the album non album tracks Five minutes to midnight and the mood is right A lot of wine, a 'lil music, slow dancing by candlelight Can't you feel it inside you -there's something going on It's too strong to be questioned and it feels too good to be wrong Whenever we touch like this Whenever I kiss you lips Baby my heart beats faster by the minute Whenever I touch your face, you know I want you right here I want you right now cause there's so much pleasure in your embrace Darlin' I -- I could use a 'lil love right now Darlin' I -- I could use a 'lil love right now Baby let's take a shower and let the water run We could stay in there for hours, cause you know that it could be fun Just put your head on my pillow cause I wanna rub your back Ooh the way you get emotional girl I know you like it like that Repeat Chorus Do it in the bath do it in the tub Do it in the living room on the rug Do it in the kitchen do it in the sink Do it whichever way you think Darlin I -- I could use a 'lil love right now I'll be tender baby, I swear I'll do all I can All I can to satisfy you You're complete surrender is all I got So let's take it to the limit, play by the rules Go for broke, do whatever we choose