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Here To Stay (Avery Watts)

I am a ghost The very thing that all fear the most Not a man of flesh and blood (No!) An apparition A vision with no form A mind inside the eye of a cyclone I, encapsulating all space and time Indefinably infinite (Right!) All coalescing together we make scores A one chord fermata forevermore Through all the wind and the rain We remain No matter the hurt or the pain We don't wane Whether weak or strong We soldier on Into the clear Void of fear We're (We're) Here (Here) No, we're not going away (Now everybody say) We're (We're) Here (Here) We're here to stay Obey or take the reins Make your choice Raise stakes and wake your voice Though take heed, every breath that you breathe will sow the seeds of the legacy that you will leave We hold the keys to possibility See, nothing can dim the light that we shine when our deeds will echo for all time