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Black Snake Diamond Rock (The Soft Boys)

Black snake diamond role Twists away across the floor Trails away like mercury Have you ever seen her? Been right in between her She's a goddess You'll pay double Just to be a candlestick Black snake diamond rock Cut it hard and watch it shine Doing it with confidence Have you seen her squeeze a bulb? Singing like a window pane glass she broke her voice Yes She's not young and she's not old She's a woman every time Got a penthouse full of dwarfs Lord, I wish that she was mine Well, maybe she is Rock around the fire escape Boogie with a question mark Dancing with a rubber snake Going down the Milton keenes? Looking for my destiny, ha Feeling young and dignified In a velvet guillotine Yes Black snake diamond rock Hungry fingers in a smock Sucking on a cloaker's top? Tulips blossom in a shop Umm Tulips from Amsterdam Tulips from Amsterdam Joined together at the sides Black snake diamond role Gonna make it with my bride Gonna be a burly night Well I hope and feel alright Putting on a special smell Leaves me in exquisite hell Tulips from Amsterdam Tulips from Amsterdam Tulips Black snake - Diamond - Role Yeah