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Love Poisoning (The Soft Boys)

Floating, I'm floating, I'm gloating, I'm pleased. Watch me, you can't touch me, I'm down on your knees. It's not easy being here with you, There's so much that I would rather do, But that's okay, because I'm floating through The hole in your heart. Lying, they're lying in postcards and (fans?). Crying, you're crying all over my hands. I don't care about the things you do, It must be horrifying being you, You screwed me up and broke my heart in two And someday someone will do that for you. There's a hole in your heart. I retrogress anytime you're around, I retrogress anytime, anytime, anytime, anytime. Feeling so violent, but nothing comes through. Concealing your feelings is poisoning you. You can cry and you can go insane, Watch the helicopters in the rain, Pump it in and pump it out again, Your emotion is a one way drain. There's a hole in your heart.