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Song No 4 (The Soft Boys)

Well, you're right and you go Neither fast nor too slow We are watching all the papers But I wish to God that they'd say What they're doing when it comes Girls are so smooth You're a youth All your visions collapsed You're expected that's a fact But please don't do it again Oh, why don't you ever come and talk to me? I'll concentrate hard on whatever you say Here comes the musket With all its brace I know that it can take All that it wishes When it's here I've given it And lain in it Drown So you go and you're gone Only us lingers on There is no sentence like the past And I always see from my point of view You just never listen and talk to me Even if I smell, you wouldn't say You just stand and listen talk to me You don't even concentrate on what you say No, you and your fingers always sit there and fiddle with me You'd never speak about what you smell if you could hear me Drown OK. That's it then That's it then. Yeah. OK