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Wading Through A Ventilator (The Soft Boys)

I fix my fish I fool my frog I fray my feet I drag my dog I drag my dirt Across the wall I squash my just like my grub I bang in a pub My girl is right In greasy silk A split tomato in her mind A crumpled heart Sagged to the sea Tomato heart Escaping gas I think my girl has rubber skin Of all the people that I know The ones I like I love the best The fishes in the sewer pipes The highway man in yellow stripes It might not now but it will be later Wading through your ventilator Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh I tang my fag You taint your cyst The pretty Bob he Licks my stamp And twists her fang She tugs his foot We think of better things and laugh Her hair's on my marshmallow pout My head is rich Enough to burst Without me struggling in my car Fresh ale and flies On melon halves You wind up living somewhere cheap And die upon a compost heap Of all the people I don't know The ones I do I hate the most The twisted father of mankind 'S enough to drive a poor boy blind It might not now but it could be later Wading through your ventilator I wading in and that's a fact The meat was cut the meat was packed You shredded me with icy strings As coiled salami I was led Into a holy stocking shed My life like antiseptic stings A tongue of stalk And tender leaves And then she'll eat Her skull it and splits And like an egg It dribbles down your inside leg Don't get me wrong I'm quite okay I drank a cat I sun a cake She throws transistors in my lake I threw her head Far through the door You wonder what I do that for They wonder what she think I gots Listen baby There ain't nothing in here but my own sweet mind If it bothers you we can turn it off With my antelope cheek and my raven's eye And my buffalo heart and a crocodiles hide And my salmon head wait on a moose's neck A breathing fungus on a hemoraged lawn Invented me one summers morn I lost you now but I'll catch you later Wading through your ventilator