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Death Row Dogs (Raging Speedhorn)

I realise you're not the only f**k I fear all I am pain This angel seen as devil Such pain must be desired Before time This is the hand that pushes you under This is the hand that keeps you there While most of them are f**king you over I'm dreaming of watching you drown You're just a sacramental item You kinda wanna fight them Straight through me like a rake Am I your one night mistake? All because I lie All because I blind All the evil I hide All the lies I wrong You face stares at me So f**kin' ugly Ugly You terrorize my children Get out my sight slut I'm out of my mind Wandering slowly Sabbath begins They creep beside me Holding the blade Never again Succumb to my temple I see you You livin' in me Know you hate me Never look in your eyes Killin' life Give me frustration No Surprise You're still standing With my soul Fuck your eating From my skull So what the f**k am I decide Deny do what the feeling bides You and hate So what the f**k have I done to be Shit like a broken mind You and me So what am I supposed to do When I'm falling behind You and hate And what it's all worked out to be Where it's you in my mind You're still standing With my soul Fuck your eating With my skull...