Knives And Faces (Raging Speedhorn)

Your sore eyes Dragging me down Before my eyes Fuck this dream It's not reality Go! Knives cut through fist and faces Only one victim next to you Knives cut through fists and faces Only one victim next to you Difference build From stick and bone Lick the blade Let blood surround [CHORUS (2x)] Take me To another place Falling motionless In Voids Before I better recognise Disguise lies broken Angry Bitter knives twisting Deeper mind flaws Controlling you concious Don't follow Just turn away Back to the other ones Inside you burning it So long discomfort Mind speaks to me anyway Open and licking up Your face in pieces Angry and f**kin' up Fingers bleed from touching Why'd you have to be so hard of hearing When you know I'm right Because you're f**kin' wrong Because you know You know You know You're f**kin' right Fuck