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The Hate Song (Raging Speedhorn)

I hate you all Because you're free Can't hear what you say to me Get f**ked, don't scratch my back Stay the f**k away from me I hate them all For what they've done to me All lies, where did the money go? Hope you choke on your brandy Big friends, but you're stepping back When the shit hits the fan CHORUS Hate - this song is for you Hate - you never thought we knew Hate - this song is for you Hate - and now we're back To set the record straight Don't want to do this now How about if I kill them all You helped me get through this By telling lies and faking all What the f**k? You never give me the time of day You'll never f**king take my life Don't want to be like you Not so great to be you Just f**k off, you don't own me I'm sick of having all this: [REPEAT CHORUS]