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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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The Garden (July Talk)

I went walking in the garden I was tripping on snakes And I ain't asking for your loving I'm just asking what your love is gonna take Ignorance is bliss when you're young enough to kiss uh uh uh oh Young men don't need pardons How much love you gonna make Keep your head above the water And breathe before the ice of the lake I ain't gonna let him twist my wrist, I ain't gonna let him kiss these lips no oh oh oh You've been falling close to arson Didja leave your pills at home? You got a problem with your head And the doctor says you shouldn't be alone Well I got hips and you got lips I plan to keep them oh oh oh oh This ain't johnny carson I've got thoughts that ain't my own I'm talking black souls dressed in red And things that I never shoulda known True love has its benefits And I plan to reap 'em You got hips and I got lips I plan to keep 'em, oh oh oh