Now I See (Intohimo)

That I never have seen I never seen your face I always wonder who you are I always search for something new I try to hide from this life Away from myself I try to fly away to nothing Away from my soul Away from this life like something is so terribly wrong I have always tried to hide I have always tried to fade away From the deepest of my mind The deepest of my heart Look at my eyes look at my face I cry I cry Look at my soul, it's bleeding Can't somebody hear my screams? I have always tried to be so perfect looking down at other people It hurts so much I hurt myself I think that my life is so meaningless I will die here and now But a feeling in my heart, a face I can not see feel like it cares about me Show your face I scream Show your face I cry I can see a light it shines so strong Now I see your face Now I feel your love Now I feel whole again I never felt like this before You've shown your face