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Guns (Caskey)

Girls talk, killers breathe, heavy metal gather rain the.. Won't roll with me so they cuffin' with me, People sick the pain so they plan dead AK 47 I ain't never scared Put it down be the words you ain't never said Take missed in the sick now the shit go, It's a damn damn road, can't get ahead You every heard ten shots, call it for your.. wake up Man in the grave how the f*ck you feel to wake up Most have forgot the whole scene, got tato Playing with heat the whole scene got baked up, Some been up in the seal, lookin' at it Picture so clip been but this paint of dramatic, Niggas run you're smoking like addicts With bullets so rapper they sounding like steady. Guns, make half of the people I know feel invisible Comfort in black now they feelin' invisible Know how they spit but condition is critical Guns, everybody gain it to heaven When not the pressure any coward grab 'em .. with fire, then lead to heaven .. Down south like the wild west, Bullets hit you in die chest Some struggle to digest But I seen the trouble try to buy this, I'm rolling round with this red towels Drop outs, step childs who got no love for their old folks And tryin to ride tour setting ..wild in this, Wild, .. few with them vow This the verb place erases and city black folks you know smile And these white folks set flame to cross with ignorance that they spray to cross it Watch closer you talk to, 'cause everybody here you talk to got Hook: Guns, all now they none estranged You should keep your coop 'cause this right here contain (bang bang) Guns, down south folks get off, You should came with that one two, in that kung-fu better get lost These guns ' bang- someone need survival Someone just tryin' to flex and some just like the rival These guns 'bang- everyone here guide em That could be a problem, but I know what could solve with these guns. Revivals round here ain't nothing new Even titles and back roads of these wild cities been on the shoe My old man love the gun rain More than church in all Sundays Got a mack ten, shot guns, does it ease and is One kay that I'll never shot Double red taught me that letter's hot And key shot of this cocaine with the BB in the empty lock Double .. was old enough, now is under my bed and not, Holding up, shit hot, anybody could get got 'cause They tryin' to eat and who am I, I'm just tryin' to sleep Was always told that the lot is mouth I'll never be the type to let the .. speak As a child I'll be seating at home, Pops instead but it gets the crown F*ck kid my .. 'bout to split the bone Arks here no, then my pots had [Hook:] 55 your neighbor, old man he was pissed the toe, Like to seat on his back ports, smoking loud, sip Coronas Waiting for the next man to sleep, Used to keep it grip on his grip, 30 A snop droll, you know how small it go fit Everybody wanna be roll, nobody wanna get hit, I didn't see thugs turn soft, when they parallel to the click You ain't gotta tell me shit, I didn't see all from the stick draws Young kids getting it all, moments sipping this all Thinking it all, safety, that someone round here try break me At big enough than take me, out of my zone and invaded But they got back if I'm main shit, rifles and lake lean, Pistols is what you're making, even get a grenade Used to keep the blade but these days can't nobody stop these .. guns Click-clack, sound to fit of that stroke The first gun I ever own was the thirty A on my lab, I was 15 with a new revolve, with a pocket full of them racks, Had a sweet connect in high-school, he friend of me and I brought it back Remember Pablo, that 22 that you got me, It head nine and it save my life, when them f*ck niggas try to rob me, And I let lose, yeah I call two of that 22, This real life I'm telling you, bitch, what the f*ck of mine I'm telling you I'm like remember backs, that 4-5 with the bitch .. Got cold sleepin at the strip club, broke in my .. they took .. And I'm like, remember fat boy, they shoot eye and late mare Kept in my clothes and you one scared, did you time and I know your fear F*ck nigga, don't ask me! If Caskey every bless he Especially, when I'm riding with 'em like passenger in a taxi With load of .. in the back seat, and all black in this back street Fifty p**sy from broke key, been shooter sights like stepping curb I'll bump the school in the soft shooter, and all win I love the boots No guns shit, just full clips and I hate the real I have to do it to you This straight fresh tell em call west, .. if I can use the.. The young boy, tell em load the .. I .. with this guns bitch.