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Skeptical (Caskey)

Yeah Something bout this organized religion, I don't like em I used to go to church when I was younger My hunger for divinity was infinity, oh Holy spirit let it in to me, Then something 'bout this organized religion seem enemy I know their God is their enemy One love, my mistake You can always trust what the honor say So good people spend too much time inside their head tryin' to contemplate They never get in touch what they saw Never feel that one connecting miss with the howl, I ain't tryin' to say God ain't real, sayin God ain't need no triple sense He ain't damn in the... we planning the imminent This one here is for survival, And empty it's all alive and blame the Bible, Me I think it's Friday inside for even... But you got to learn to read on your own And lead on your own, And learn the hardest... on your own, And be on your own, solitude to reconnect the spirit The mind is a place you can adore if you can clear it And being near it with all it in your thoughts, Take all the will, is right here is a soldier for real I swear we got an army that's a light in If you will only look for the truth, decide right in And try to find the meaning of life, Then what is life? Hook: They spread hallelujah then they pull out... in your place Try to '.and they put jewelry in my mess To be the man they say they responsible for creation With the one seven days, just to get it through mess. I see them preachers on TV, living like MTV cribs And that's some blue shit yeah Please, don't' get me wrong, I'm high in my zone I'm just payin' though, I feel a little skeptical, I feel a little skeptical now, I feel a little skeptical, I feel a little skeptical now. Skeptical to say to leave I'm reading bitch about the flower of life, Tryin to honest all the powers of life, Catching the vibe, spending more time in meditation They used to use guard and favour segregation They used to used guard and favour mask dinner side Large you up to memorize And I'm just tryin' to genue with lies, incredible lies Together man officials who lies, my old church is Feelin the... my old church is meant to this I had a couple question by the time we hear and ask of this You there like my intuition, They claim that they was one way You hear it every Sunday out the... the preacher who got all without reception It's like a finger in the moun Religion ain't no longer my obsession But with more passion I've been a fews I spread love man. [Hook:] What kind of preacher drive a bin Thought it was supposed to be like Christ, pockets empty Don't tempt me, I swear I'll expose all of this clowns They claim inside of the house the lober really alone, Hope they can hear with the stone I'll read by the councilor of nines, see ya Swear this the... guard got an idea and I see a Disconnection in the ecuation and temptation They never felt the sensation of God They should see the imitation of God, Living lies man, I never hate... they wonder why should be going on the way to the end We all gonna dig for our sins But we ain't payin for the benz, the mistake the... for what is formal God work in mysterious ways, And if you believe that the universe is so but never look the air formed us Well, you know it's gonna be in different... [Hook:]