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The Car (Carson Jeff)

"Boy, I'd love to have that car," I whispered to my Dad "I've always heard a mustang flies! We could fix it up and make it new again All it needs is just a little time" Since Momma passed away He's always workin' overtime I know that he can not afford to buy that car Even though he'd love to make it mine It's not the car that I'm needin' Just a chance to be with him I know that once these days roll past us They will never come again So little time, and we spend way too much apart There would always be a part of us Together in that car Finally let go of that dream And the time we could have shared It was a distant memory Until last fall a call came sayin' Dad was gone Could I come quick, he left a note for me Buried Dad right next to Mom Up on Crowley's Ridge 'N' there I said my last goodbye I opened up he note and found a set of keys "Here's your car son, I hope it flies!" It's not the car you're needin' But it's my chance to be with you I hope you understand I always did The best that I could do So little time, and we spent way too much apart Now there will always be a part of us Together in that car Yes, there will always be a part of us