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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Brown Boxes (The Spinto Band)

I've got this notion, that moving out is better, Than this commotion, if she complains I wont let her, Tell me what to do and when she wants to argue ill remind her that were through A late reminder, and post-it notes and markers, were it not kinder her black eye would be darker, And all these brown boxes havent helped me move one bit in half-empty rooms they sit, Stay thats where they will stay I could never say, I would never say, "This is over" Ive got this cupid humble from(?) Its pretty stupid, but none-the-less ill pack it and this boxcutters too dull, other wise id end it all, theres still boxes in the hall, And stay, thats where they will stay, I could never place any other blame, And how could you even go, on living if its so, unintentional, I, Lied, to, you