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Aliens (Warlord)

Through Pioneer 10 and Voyager 1 We've launched our knowledge to other suns Aspiring and reaching for the highest of beings We've lost our search for the world's basic needs The Aliens - inside our machines! The Aliens - inside our dreams! The Aliens . . . The Aliens, The Aliens are here! Through fiction and lies we gaze at the skies For flying saucers and men with three eyes Creating those monsters we seek to destroy Like children at play smashing their toys! The Aliens - controlling our spheres! The Aliens - so far yet so near! The Aliens . . . The Aliens, The Aliens are here! All myths of men and gods will apply when sanity and reason begin to die the dragons you've denied and wish to slay may rise to conquer us all someday! the aliens - the message is clear! the aliens - the aliens are here