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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Unfamiliar Sheets (Courage My Love)

I'll cut my hair and buy new clothes. Change completely I suppose. Scatter our ashes around the yard. You're telling everyone you know. You never wanted to let me go I never thought it would be so hard. If you feel my love tonight, Would it be enough this time? (My almost) I'll fall, yeah I will fall asleep in unfamiliar sheets tonight. It's on my mind In the dark, in the dark I'll breathe for what feels like the first time tonight. It's on my mind Let's go back to last summer, When we faced the world together. On and on, I couldn't tell you what I want I held my breath and listened low, But you stopped speaking months ago. You only talk when it's in your sleep My thoughts have been so hard to read. Even the mirror doesn't recognize me. I feel so much older than the face that I see.