The End Of Longing (Hecker Maximilian)

There was this day when I had found you At first you smiled but then you fell blue Your eagle eyes they seemed to ask me "Are you my thorn bush or my fruit tree?" My love is growing though you'll never be the end of longing, my dear And I am trying to find the answers to the questions that you shouldn't ask, my dear And then this day when I had touched you I loved it and I hoped you did, too Your misty eyes they seemed to wonder "Are you my right choice or my blunder?" You say "How long will you care? How much can you bear? And can I lay all my fears in your hands? Will you carry me? Will you stay with me? And can I lay my whole life in your hands?" At last the day when I had lost you Oh, both our hearts were breaking in two Your saucer eyes they seemed to query Say, have you ever really loved me?