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Granddaddy's Gun (Lewis Aaron)

It sets above the mantel on a couple rusty nails And it's worth a lot of money And it damn sure ain't for sale The good lord only knows all the stories it could tell My Granddaddy's gun He bought it new out of the sears and robuck catalog And it shot a many a shells over the back of an old bird dog And it backed a burglar down when grandma took the safety off Granddaddy's gun. R: It's just an old double barrel twelve The stock is cracked and it kick's like hell It wouldn't mean what mean's to me to no one Cause I can still hear his voice when I put it to my shoulder A gun's like a woman son it's all how you hold her He taught me a whole lot more than how to hunt And one of these days I'll pass it on to my grandson My Granddaddy's Gun That old man gave it to me on the day I turned thirteen With a half shot box of shells and a kit to keep it clean I keep a picture in the case of that sweet old man and me And Granddaddy's gun R: There's a long beard hanging on the livin' room wall That I got with a box call and Granddaddy's gun There's a beat up sign out there on forty nine That me and billy joe shot up one night With granddaddy's gun It sets above the mantel on a couple rusty nails It ain't worth a lot of money but it damn sure ain't for sale