Has Been (Shatner William)

(Has Been) (Has Been) (Has Been) You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You calling me has been? What'd you say your name is? (Jack) (Never Done Jack) Glad to meet ya. Who's your friend? (Dick) (Don't Say Dick) What do ya know. And you friend, what's your handle? (Don) (Two-Thumbs Don) Riding on their armchairs, they dream of wealth and fame. Fear is their companion, Nintendo is their game. Never Done Jack and Two-Thumbs Don and side-kick Don't Say Dick will laugh at others failures though they have not done shit. I heard of you, the ready made connecting with the ever ready. Yeah, never was talking about Still trying. I got it. Forever better gossiping about never say die. May I inquire about what you've been doing, mister.. (Jack) (Never done jack) And you, partner, what's the news of the world, Dick? (I don't say dick) Don, of all the people, you must be the tattler. (Two-thumbs up) What are you afraid of, failure? So am I. (Has been) (Has been) Has been implies failure. Not so. (Has been) Has been's history. Has been, was. (Has been) Has been, might again.