Big Line (Bang Tango)

Big bad Sally's got a big bad problem In the valley tonight She's got an uptight boyfriend And he says he don't dig her But you know she's doin' Fine - so dig it Down in the city where the bad brass is shakin' And the holy man, he's snakin' They like to move when they walk They like to funk when they talk And you know just what they're doin' They draw a big line It's alright So, have a good time Tonight And draw a big line It's alright You've got to do a little shake You've got to do it, do it Do me alright Well, it feels a little dirty And it feels a little cheap But you know what it's good for You've got to watch what you do You've got to watch what you say If you wanna even the score I said come on over here and I'll make you feel fine I'll take you downstairs, gonna ease your mind But let's get it straight What you take me for, an upright down right Ain't that kind of a guy Marshmallow lover step back Stop doin' watcha doin' You've got your feet in the beat