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Midnight Struck (Bang Tango)

Please forgive me for not smiling Please excuse the tear in my eye You were out late, you were playin' I was alone late last night It's gettin' too late, it can't be true Has this lovin' world turned it's back on you? Out spendin' your time, baby, diggin' for gold Dig inside yourself, it's inside your soul Sometimes love gets so hard and only Lord knows Just to win the fight, we gotta take the scars If we could change the way things might have been I'd bet we'd go back to where it first began I bet you would, baby Emptiness can be a silent friend It stays with you until love comes once again So I hope you find what you're looking for 'Cause that friend may stay with you until the very end Where were you when midnight struck? Where were you when midnight hit? Am I just a fool with such bad luck? Where were you when midnight struck? Hang my life by the end of a string You tell me that our love don't mean a thing Well, I know that it can't be true 'Cause I was up late, baby, waiting for you And now my feelings just fade away All my memories come to an end That night, girl, you dragged me down That's the night I swear, I saw the devil in you The devil in you, girl