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The Boy Is Dead (Hemina)

[Solo: Eltakchi] He will die She doesn’t know yet He wants no lies Have not a friend More than that which I deserve? I was defied Woken from my celestial bed I was a martyr inside my head Banish me to here! He will die She doesn’t know What he’ll become It’s quiet, it’s easy If you don’t believe And you won’t, trust me… Pious, servant, so sure you Banished me to here Know my tale My scripture, my war The boy is dead [Solo: Coull] Now you know Now we know The boy is dead But his limbs still grow A man is here Taunted and tested The simplest of childhoods? “God plays with his best!” Life’s little pleasures like Shuffling in sand The gift of a soul Left youth contraband His voice of a stranger Known better than my own His bidding and judgement Left me overthrown