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To Conceive A Plan (Hemina)

You ask me these questions I’ve asked myself for years After all this to find This saviour of mine a peer Down dangled cord of feather As the bellows of Jacob sung Bidded, I climb each tattered rung Is this home? Is this heaven’s gift to man? Make me a child, rid me a father Rid me a man! To emerge from this flesh, to be born To violate law – to be unplanned Why me? Fresh faced, bright eyed; a believer A follower of yours beaten to the ground Her blouse fell to the floor Before she could let out her roar I stumbled upon this universe It’s catered and fit for me Its beauty I’m yet to see [Harmony Solo: Coull & Eltakchi] Blood and puss coat these walls And I’m ripped out with a glove Was I plucked out by the one above? Or just a product of this rape? [Solo: Eltakchi] What is this place you call my home? You call this my home, what is this place?! [Solo: Skene] [Solo: Coull]