Try My Love (Jordan Jeremy)

Ooh, ah, ooh ah ooh, ooh, ah Oo-ooh, ah, ooh ah ooh, ooh, ah Oh, come on baby, just try my love Yeah yeah yeah Oh baby, I know that you get down many times before And it seems it's like you're headin' for one more No, I'm not trying to lyin' on you, baby So give me the chance to prove that, all you have to do is Try my love, try my love Try my love, baby Yeah yeah, try my love, hmm Try my love, baby, ooh, try my love, come on Oh baby, don't waste your time, thinkin' that I'm gonna do ya 'Cause I truly want, you know that I'm into ya I know it's hard for you to believe someone new, oh baby, yeah baby I bet you gotta start somewhere, yeah, no matters what we hear Try my love, try my love All you have to do is try Try my love I'll turn your love around me Baby, I know that you've loved many times before That you spent many nights alone But if you try my love baby I'll never let you down because Oh baby, I adore you And my love is true All you got to do is adjust Give me a play, baby Oh girly, reach out now to me, oh baby, I won't let you down I'm gonna turn your love around, sugar, everything will be alright Maybe we'll talk tonight, yeah, I won't let you down, my love Baby, I just wanna let you know, my love, sugar, it's good to go I can, oh, give you the love that you need And don't you worry baby, 'cause I will never leave I promise baby, I adore you, come on baby