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No Laughing Matter (Anti-System)

There's no easy solution to the problems in the world today We've got an answers but then we've got no say A simple end to the food shortage, give A to B But it's "unpractical" to save the dying, they can't give food away for free We should be telling the government where to go Don't say it won't work, you haven't tried... so how do you know? Anarchy isn't the mindless violence associated with Punk Rock Real Punk chaos & the spirit of 77 is no longer such a big shock Young minds already numbed by the droning of Boy George or Wham Oblivious to the oncoming nightmare, it's all a sham Fight for jobs, "Crisis in Britain" the daily Express reads Speaking for the rich from who it feeds Why should there be a division between rich & poor There's enough wealth to share around and even more The rich have far more than they will ever need But through their privileged upbringing they've only been tough greed Sickly f**king experiments on some poor cat So they can't take alcohol, why should they die for that? There's no easy answers to the problems in the world today But ignoring them won't send them away We're being messed up more and more We have nobody but ourselves for our protection, they have the law The law isn't for us, so remember that It only protects them, and that's a fact If you really do listen and care you'll know it's time for me & you To stop laughing about it all and find something to do