100 Jewels (Termanology)

They said I'm a righteous cat I write righteous raps But I cook coke cook it to crack Thinking what kind of life is that Get tosssed in the bin never knowin when you might come back I listen to Jesse Jack black clip in the gat And write lyrics to the soul of Geronimo Platt I'm talkin to anyone who got a problem with that I'm everywhere tell me where you met your politian at I'm right there doin a show chain out by myself Put my fist in the air bang out by myself That's why your girl wanna polish my knob And every rapper in the city wanna party so hard But before I do a song with y'all I'll blow my brains out on the bible and call it the knowledge of God My cousin gutter get the problems resolved He specialize in cuttin niggas up nice and doin robberies dawg Probably y'all And when I'm rippin the gauge You be gone in 60 seconds like Nicolas Cage Pay attention when I'm rippin the page When I'm not on stage I feel played with meticulous rage I seen my first nigga shot at a rediculous age Before Irv and Magic Johnson was a victim of aids Cats think because they sit and they pray Because they christian they saved Till reality just spit in they face But I'll tell you one thing when bullets start flying Jesus christ aint gonna sit in the way Like modern day slaves how we sit in the maze Wont pay your child support but you can chip in for haze My baby momma been trippin for days She hate the fact I'm a star and model bitches wanna sit on my face She love to see a brother sit in a cage Take my daughter away And let another nigga sit in my place Momma told me that it's only a phase But I throw up my dukes before that I put a clip in my fade There's way too much opportunity to sit in and blaze It's the evolution of man we been sittin in caves Before I ever had a nickel to blaze Meanin a nickel of weed Or a nickel nine spittin them strays I been tryin to get my shit on the waves DJ's holdin me down but never play my shit in the days It's no way that I might win with only the night spins But but but I aint gonna sit and complain Old? slingin shit in they veins They be mad as hell cuz they know it wont hit em the same Cats slippin and they chicken these days Give em a trip in the range And they be lickin on the pickle with aids I wish my grandmama coulda heard this shit from the grave I know she woulda loved to hear her boy rippin this way Over the beat, life so cold on the street You might get shot up or you can go in your sleep To all my soldiers that die for they flag Or they die for they rag It's messed up you hadda lie in a bag It's no fair ones aint no more relyin on jabs Now it's supplyin the mask and a guy who'll just blast Fucked up I gotta ride in a cab But as soon as I get a cheque I gotta divide it in half I feel like I should be ridin a jag On a flight with a mag And a 100G's right in the stash They don't wanna see a puerto rican writin his bag Cuz what I write on the pad Get them tightened and mad I'm hyper but sad Cuz I got a lot of fame in rap But I'm back living right with my dad I'm part french part spic how racist is that Police wanna treat me like I'm basically black I'm basically that And you don't wanna talk about my gats Cuz they like Charlie Baltimore they German and black It's hard to earn but I'm earnin a stack This the moment of truth so I'm tryin to write verses like that My vocals burn set fire to tracks They're admiring that That's why my CD's fly off the rack Groupie bitches they be showin me love When I roll in the club They lovin the way that I flow on the drums Plus the way I make dough in the slums Keep smoke in the lungs And write rhymes more potent than drugs You don't wanna end up chokin on slugs With a throat full of blood You should watch how you open your mug Watch how it go down when them pistols around Cuz you can end up with a slug through your wisdom or child Bullets flyin through your kitchen and blow More people in the church than a christening now, isn't it foul Prolly could have been avoided But you was too paranoid Out sniffing you aint see your choices My voice is something like Kennedy except you gonna remember me for Killin these mics not gettin murk'd up by my enemy oh Livin the life most of these rap niggas pretend to be Sellin and gettin locked up by the police and my friend will be Way past due if I lay past 2 So I'm on that early bird shit grey that goose Homie make that loot And when you baggin up dimes of dro it's better to make that loose Cuz it looks like there's way more to these customers They don't understand the agenda of real hustlers They just wanna cop what you sell em and roll dutches up Get their mind stimulated and away from the troublesome Situations we go through throughout our daily life Which homie bangin your wife It's prolly an A you like He wanna tell you But he don't know how he can say it right You'll prolly pick up a knife And slay him that very night Then I don't be wifin up bitches cause they be trife Make you put it on the line like ghost or baby trife Get you shot up in your ride like BIG and Obie Trice The bullets aint nothing nice But until I see the light... Imma lay em.