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United Kids (CIV)

We can see the problems But what'd you do to solve them Talking without action What's the difference Something to believe in Following your lead It's time to pick a side not sit on a fence It won't cut it You wanna talk about the kids united Take a swing at the upper hand You wanna talk about the kids united And this world it won't just listen What's the situation An un-united nation Working for a slave wage What would you pay? Kicking down a closed door Something you could fight for It's time to pull up your head off the floor We're standing up You can't keep us down We'll stick tight You can't push us around There's no limit to what we can do We're gonna take it To a level where they've got to tell the truth It's gonna take our strength to lift it This weight can't hold us down Our pack solid and bonded Open minded pushing forward Making changes, our own choices