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Another Summer (213)

A pool party at the church G'd up and others barbequeing Ain't no telling what your daddy and your momma doing Chewing on these baby-backs popping bottles with these macks Everybody swimming, backyard full of women I'm entertaining folks Gave the lil' homie twenty dollars just to shine my hundred spokes Coke with the Hennesey tends to be the remedy Family and friends to me Everyone pretends to be kin to me I can't wait until the Fourth of July to pop some fireworks with my kids and fly some kites high in the sky See, it's the family reunion And down at the church house, they giving up the annual communion It seems we made it to another summer Yeah we came and come up 213 is more than friends Yeah, we like blood brothers Riding this 'til the wheels fall off Can you dig that? We got this summertime anthem for y'all We did that We made it through winter We made it through fall We made it through the spring time Tough times and all It's good to see I love the summer I'm riding with the top down Let the wind blow Chillin' with my love Partying fo' sho' It feels good to see I love the summer Everybody if you with me sing We got the game on lock On the paper chase, can't stop On a roll, still hot Gotta be top notch I like the girls 'cuz they hot Plus I know what they want They want the game that we got Hold up baby girl I think not I like the nasty girls from around the way Hoppin' in my gray drop-top Mercedes Shouts go out to my sexy ladies Just in case your man is hating Tell your boy he better chill (Summertime) Tell your boy he better chill (Summertime) I'm addicted to the sunshine the way it make these women dress Tank tops, flip flops, make this nigga love the west Different spots, even though different, it's still crackin' In Jamaica, Queens I sit back, live and collect the cabbage It's an affair that every state can relate to And if you do what I do, then go on and follow suit From Chi-Town to Diego, all the way back to NY Stay fly, and never miss a piece of sunshine When I'm at the church I barbeque for my kinfolk Watch lil' Elijah and lil' Warren run the football Got weed, got drink, but most of all the spirit And it's a blessin' that the world wanna hear our music The summer is an inspiration as much as the fast And to my my nigga Snoopdewoop, I love you fam' Riding this 'til the wheels fall off Can you dig that? We got this summertime anthem for y'all We did that Yeah, another summer Kanye West good looking on the beat, nephew 213 reminding y'all put your guns down Well spent summertime, let's enjoy ourselves We just wanna celebrate You know what I'm talking about? It's too hot for all that Yeah 213 Moving mountains y'all haha All the time, yeah