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Groupie Luv (213)

This is a DJ Whoo production In conjunction with Doggystyle Records and 213 I need a ride or die groupie that can get dirty in Gucci On the floor or the floor or the hoopty while she loving me up I'm usually the instigator But ain't nothing greater Than a X-rater with a nickname like vibrator I need to do a remix to "Area Codes" and plenty more The way it kicks on time is out of control So when my nigga Snoop Dogg comes and kicks the door When I walk up in the door You best to know it's pimping on the whole 213 gets the crunk for sure And they know about us everywhere we go And where the groupies at I was just about to call 'Till Snoop Dogg told me that he boned 'Till Warren G told me he rolled (I told you she's a grooouuuppp) Hoooooeeeee!!! Nate Dogg in the house tonight looking for some groupie love Snoop Dogg in the house tonight looking for some groupie love Warren G in the house tonight looking for some groupie love (213 all in your face and we trying to find) Groupie Love Looking for a chick That love that West Coast gangster shit Yeah girl if you think that you're the one Let's go and have ourselves some fun You ain't got a bring nothing at all Just enjoy the adventures of the Dogg I heard you like my smile My rap, my pimp, my style Well it's on you what it do You got to let Nate hit it too 'Cus when we come to your town Rule is pimps up, draws down And where the groupies at My fast scheme on them We can tag team on them That's what we need to do Just me, G and you It's cool when I'm seeing you Get ready for a nine inch dick, me and the D in you I know you don't want to miss this Some classic LBC, 213 shit We in your city get busy 'till you get dizzy Trying to find all our fans To load them up in our vans We hate to end the show But there's a lot of groupies at the door Another everyone to take a see All aboard and launch 213 And where the groupies at