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Ups & Downs (213)

Please don't get it confused Cuz I rap that I'm like these other dudes I doubt that VIP don't get to me I'm where the crowd at Still the same, hate the fame, loud and all that Wylin' ain't a thang we can brawl in the back Hit hard, sock jaw, fall on your back No bodyguards imagine and all that Hear from the streets like 'where my doggs at?' Keep 'em with heat in case they involve gats 9-11 is for certain hurry call back Don't paid to get dirt done, now what you call that? So much love on the streets I can take a fall back My credentials is based on all facts some things you can hate on We all macks so if your broad get take on It's like that overwhelmed like conversations she'll be right back Ups and downs All my life I'm just trying to stay rich All the time (Life's so motherfucking hard on a nigga) Life's so hard for a young ass nigga trying to get his money in the rap game homie All my life I dreamed of seeing this, leading this Rap game, G'ing this, we in this doing this Doing it for the whole wizord All my homeboys, tiny loccs and the lil baby gizerds Yes it's true that dreams can come true If it happened to me, it can happen to you Watch out, they shootin' Look good for a nigga now You know me, I gotta kick a hundred niggaz down Even niggaz that I ain't supposed to Let them dirty, gritty killas close too I do it for the love of it No nigga, I do it for the fuck of it EC IC SP and Naj even though I'm living large Man, life is still hard No matter how hard the road No matter how hard the cold No matter far I gotta go With my cash flow I'm gon' go Cuz I'm coming down I started at the bottom so ain't nothing to do but come up with the homies that I call my crew Stay true to the game, kept it the same Despite the fame Maintain through the downs we kept our heads up, remain We all in, it's all in, so fall in We went from nothing to now We straight rolling No matter how cold it gets I'm on the road to get rich Trust no ho, trust no bi-itch